a flair

Spotted something similar in this 4 pictures?

I’m either riding onto something or holding a circle float!
Which means… i’m borned to ride my scooter! And the circle float represents tyre! ha ha ha.

Over the last weekend, i went Bintan for the first time. Oh man, it was FUN! I wanted to play ATV but we chose to drive the Dune Buggy (500cc) instead for sgd130/hr as it looked much COOLER.

The Bintan I’ve experienced is quite different from the one i’ve heard. Although it seemed like a boring place to some with only minimal activities to do, i certainly beg to differ… i fell asleep twice on 2 afternoons cuz i played too much… Rolling on the sand… Playing Vball in the compromising wind… Enjoying the sea breeze while suntanning. The breeze was unexpectedly strong and cooling during the 2nd day(sunday).

Sighz. Back to reality again.

Am glad to have supportive family and love. life is never fair.

It’s all in the brain.

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